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Evidential Mediumship

There are different forms of mediumship.  What I do is called Evidential Mediumship, meaning that my communication with People in Spirit includes factual data in any combination such as their gender, how they passed, what their occupation was, names of people connected to them, where they lived, etc.  Anyone can look at a 75-year-old and accurately say, “You have a grandmother in spirit, she really loves you, she used to make food for you, and she has either a husband or a brother that was in the military.”  If you are 75 or older, most of that probably applies to you as accurate and factual.  But if I say all that, and I also say that the husband or the guy in the military played hockey when he was young, was named Ralph, and ended up working in a medical field -- and that’s also true --  that’s when it becomes evidential and not coincidental.


Most feelings can be described in one word.  Happy.  Sad.  Excited.  Afraid.  One word is usually enough.  What I do while engaging in mediumship is to translate feelings into sentences rather than just one word.  I also get my own memories played back in my head.  For example, I was once connected with a client’s mother and I was suddenly remembering an episode of a TV show I had seen where someone had been cheated out of all their money.  The TV show was a comedy, but this memory made me feel indignant and cheated.  So, I knew to say to my client, “Your mother is showing me that she was swindled out of a lot of money,” which was correct.


What I’m doing is more specifically interpreting rather than translating, and there’s always room for misinterpretation.  Translating is word-for-word; interpreting is conveying the same idea.  So, if a woman says, “I’m married” a translator would say in another language “She says she’s married.”  An interpreter could say, “She says she has a husband.”  That would usually be correct, but what if she were married to another woman? 


Mediumship is not a perfect process, and nobody is 100% accurate.  It can be fun and exciting and fascinating and entertaining and cathartic and healing, but the purpose of mediumship is to demonstrate the continuation of consciousness after the physical body dies. 

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