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About Lawrence

THANK YOU for considering working with me.  I only do mediumship.  I do not give psychic readings about the future, relationships, health, etc.  My aim is to connect people here with People in Spirit, demonstrating the continuation of consciousness after death.  

I've learned from dozens of mediums, from beginners to seasoned experts. Most notable are:

  • Charlie Kelly's year-long mentorship

  • Individual classes with:

    • Eileen Davies

    • ​Lynn Probert

    • Tony Stockwell

I have an MBA with a Finance Emphasis from Pepperdine University, and I worked for the aerospace industry in conjunction with a top science institution for more than a decade.  It took me several years to discern what I was meant to do in life as a calling.  I considered chaplaincy and working with hospice patients, but I realized that while I would be good at that it would just be a job and not my life’s work.  Funnily enough, in high school I thought I would grow up to be some kind of translator, and I’ve studied several languages.  As a very young man in the 1990s I was self-employed translating court reporter machine shorthand stenotype into English for L.A. Superior Court. 


One day in a smack-your-forehead moment during a weekend reiki class I realized that the way I pass on messages from “somewhere” -- something I’ve been doing since I was 12 -- was actually mediumship.  I like to call it spirit-to-English translation. 


Starting around age six I could feel that there were people in my house in addition to myself and my family, and I went around tapping the walls for a hollow sound trying to find secret passages like I had seen in cartoons.  I felt them then, and I feel them now, as people -- not energy or spirits or ghosts.  I think of “People in Spirit” in the same way that I think of people in Canada or people in Europe.  They are people “somewhere else.” 

Starting at about age 12, I would randomly feel a gentle hand on my back and I would feel pushed to say things to whomever I was with.  It was always a different hand, and the things I was moved to say were usually philosophical in nature.  When I would do this with adults a typical response was, "How old are you?!"  Even though I was used to passing on messages in this way, and even though I loved the John Edward Crossing Over TV show, I never put it together that I was doing the same thing.  No one ever self-identified as a grandmother who had passed.  I just felt the impulse to convey messages with very specific wording.

As of March 2023, I have given over 1,000 evidential readings.

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