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What if I don't want to hear from the person you connect with?

If this happens, please tell me that you don't want to hear from them rather than saying "No" as though you don't recognize them.​  I will drop the connection and start over.

Reading over Zoom?  Don’t we have to meet in person?

Most of the readings I have done have been over Zoom.  I am in California, and I have read people as far away as Scotland and Australia.  I’m not reading your energy.  I’m connecting with People in Spirit who can be anywhere at any time.


What should I do to prepare for a reading?

Invite the people you want to hear from to your reading.  If you feel too silly doing this out loud, do it in your head.  It does make a difference.

I provide an audio recording of all sessions, but I still recommend you have something to write with and take notes.  I may connect with someone you don’t recognize but that an older relative may.  If so, I will move on to another Person in Spirit.  If we meet in person, you can bring an object that belonged to your loved one, but I prefer to see what connections happen first (before handling anything).  There is the possibility (but not the certainty) of falling into psychometry, which is the reading of energy off of objects rather than connecting with the person the object belonged to.


During the reading, please just say “Yes / I understand that / I can take that” or “No / I don’t understand that / I can’t take that.”  So, if you think I'm connected with your mom don't say, "Yes, that's my mom, Jane, who died in a car accident."  Just say, "Yes."  Let them give me information to pass on to you.


Please try to keep an open mind about the information I receive.  Sometimes when people have a strong preference for a specific loved one they keep saying, “No” or “I can’t take that” because the information does not fit the grandmother they really want to hear from, and I’m getting their ex-college roommate.  Also, the facts and figures I receive can be accurate, but the personality I’m telling you about can sometimes seem too positive or too loving.  Everyone -- absolutely everyone -- becomes a better version of themselves after they pass.  That will be covered more in an upcoming video link.


Can you connect with a specific person that I want?

This often happens, but I never promise it.  I don’t really control who I communicate with.  I wait for them to reach out to me.  What I’ve noticed happens when someone really, really wants to connect with a specific person is that I get an obscure Person in Spirit (like an ex-high school teacher).  Once some connection is made, that person then helps bring forward the person you want.  There is a randomness to this kind of communication that makes me unable to promise a specific connection.


What if my loved ones didn’t speak English?

Language is not a problem, since they communicate in pictures, sounds, and by triggering my own memories of various situations.  I do occasionally get words in Spanish, because I grew up in a Spanish-speaking family.  I’m also often aware that the Person in Spirit I’m connected with spoke something other than English, but it has never been a barrier to communication.


Do you teach mediumship?

I do not.  However, I offer a $40 hour-long conversation on any psychic-related topic where you can pick my brain or bounce ideas off me.


How do I schedule an appointment with you?

Please see the Contact page.

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